Frequently asked questions

How accurate are the measurements in the Virtual 3D Model?

Measurements accuracy is a function of two things: the lens distorsion and how accurate the lens height measurement is (the distance between the ground and the nodal point of the camera). We also calibrate the measurements against a real world measurement. If highly accurate measurements are required to the (mm/cm) then we advise a real world measurement is also taken.

How do I book a VR recce?

Simply email us at, contact us via the website or call us on 0203 872 2777 to discuss your requirements today.

Can you recce multiple locations in a single day?

Yes, as long as it's geographically feasible within time constraints. Multiple locations in multiple areas can be captured in a single day.

What locations can you VR recce?

Depending on your requirements, we can VR recce all types of interior and exterior locations, anywhere in the world: so whether it’s a multi level event space in London, car park in Manchester, or conference hall in Malta, we’ve got it covered.

Do you require a location / venue manager or someone from production to be at the location whilst you VR recce?

Whilst we do not require anyone to be present at the location during the VR recce, we will work alongside whomever has been designated as the main contact, be that the location owner, the location/event manager, or H&S supervisor.

How many of your technicians will attend the recce?

A VR Recce is usually undertaken by a single technician depending on the size, scale and time constraints of the job. If more are required we can work with you and discuss this in more detail before we conduct the recce.

Are there any requirements you have of the location owner when you attend the site?

Depending on which service we are conducting this varies. Usually we ask to meet with the designated on site contact at the start of the recce to discuss the scope of work. For virtual tours, we would ask that the venue owner is not present in the area where 360 photography is taking place and that furniture and doors are not moved during this time.

Are there internet requirements for Live 360 Streams?

Yes, we require either on site wifi or a solid and stable 4/5G mobile internet connection that can both deliver a minimum upload speed of between 30MB per second. If these speeds cannot be met we can discuss alternative services, such as 4/8k 360 video capture and 360 photography.

Can you operate a VR recce outside in bad weather?

As with any video and photography capture we are limited with what we can do in the rain as water droplets on the waterproof housing would affect the image quality. That said, we can work with you and the venue to avoid this situation or in worse case re-schedule a recce if need be.

Are all of your technicians insured?

Yes. All VR recce technicians have insurance. We can provide certification on request.

How long will you spend at the location?

In general terms, the length of a VR Recce will be determined by the type of recce, size of a location, and then by how long we have at the location to complete it (and therefore how many technicians will be required to complete). We project manage each job on a case by case basis to ensure we’re striking that perfect balance between limiting our footprint on location and making sure that we are able to capture all the relevant information within the agreed time-frame. Most venues up to around 3,000m2 will be able to be captured within a day.

What will I receive from VR recce?

Live 360° Virtual Tours: We will provide a URL to your Virtual Tour/3D Model so that you can share it with clients, contractors and customers or embed within your own website. Live 360° Streams: a URL link prior to the live stream and a download link post stream. 360° Imagery / Aerial Capture: Following our visit, we will send you a link to download all the captured 360° video, photography and aerial content. VR recce location discovery PDF: Where required.

What information will be provided in the VR recce location discovery PDF?

The VR recce location discovery PDF provides you with the following technical information: wifi strength, phone signal strength, venue/location access route, delivery details, on site parking allocation/restrictions and location of the nearest hospitals/train stations. We can discuss what information you require us to obtain prior to us attending site.

How long does it take between visiting the location and receiving the Virtual Tour/VR recce location discovery pdf?

Our turnaround time from finishing the recce to sending out the pack is approximately 24-72 hours, 360° capture is only the first step before it is processed and ready for distribution. We will always ensure that the raw data is uploaded for processing the same day as the capture where possible. It then takes some time to process the data for each of our services and to make tweaks where nesseary before sending to you for approval.

Can I attach your Video, Photos and Virtual Tour to an event or call sheet?

Yes - we recommend that your chosen VR recce becomes integral to all future production workflows: this allows every single crew member to familiarise themselves with the location, so they can hit the ground running. Our live virtual tours allow for multiple parties to all dial into a live guided tour allwoing for easy collaboration and review prior to everyone being on site. Contact us for a demonstration.

What devices can I use to view the Virtual Tours and 360° captured content?

All our services can be viewed on smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and virtual reality headsets.

Which VR headsets work with your 360° content & Virtual Tours?

Most headsets that support a modern browser. We recommend the Oculus GO, Oculus Quest 1/2 & Google cardboard.

Can you provide us with VR headsets?

Yes, just get in touch.

​How long will we have access to the Virtual Tour?

We can provide hosting for short term VR recce projects. For longer term projects, monthly/yearly hosting fees start from £9.99 per month.

How long will we have access to the 360 video and photography content?

Both captured video or photography is yours to download and keep. We will provide a download link with every VR Recce.

Is the service only available in the UK?

We can VR recce anywhere in the world. Just get in touch and we can discuss your needs.

How much does a VR recce cost?

Just drop us an email at for a free, no-obligation quote tailored specifically to your needs; it’s as simple as that.

What happens on the day?

Virtual Tours/360° Capture: A member of our team will introduce themselves on arrival, and we find it is best to walk through all the areas you want to include within the capture together at the beginning of the day. This is a great opportunity to understand what else you have going on in the building or on site that day, so we can best plan our capture route, it is also a great chance to make sure all areas are looking at their best! Once this has been completed, our team members will get the equipment up and running and start capturing the spaces. The time each area takes to capture depends on the size and complexity of the space, and how many images are required. Generally it takes 5 min per image. Our team members will then work their way along the pre-agreed capture route, ensuring that corridors and common areas between each room is captured too. At the end of the day, our technician will upload all of the raw images and video to our back end team for processing into a draft tour ready for aproval. Depending on the complexity of the venue this can take from 1 to a few days to complete. Live 360° streaming: As with our other services, our technician will meet with whoever is the nominated on site contact and discuss the plan for the live stream/s that day.

What about COVID-19?

All VR recce bookings will adhere to any COVID-19 guidelines that are applicable at the time. The capture process allows for social distancing to be accommodated and minimal interaction with any venue surfaces. A full risk assessment will be provided before the booking that can be discussed and agreed with the relevant stakeholders at the venue.

How do we need to prepare the venue/location for a Virtual Tour/360° Capture?

Very much in the same way you would for any other types of photography. This is your opportunity to show your venue off at its best. Ideally meeting and conferencing spaces should be set up ready for an event, make use of screens and displays to show your logo although we can easily add these in later. The space to be captured needs to be free of people, so empty rooms are best.

Whats the difference between a Live Virtual Tour and Virtual 3D Model?

Our live Virtual Tours are perfect for showcasing a venue or location as well as being a great tool for giving clients and customers a live guided tour remotely, where you can see, talk and move around the space together. No need for a physical site visit. Virtual 3D Models give greater detail on the overall floorplan and make up of a venue and also allows clients and customers to measure physical elements within the 3D model, such as doorways, walls and tables etc. Great for detailed planning of an event or shoot. That said they do not allow for clients to own the connent or self host. We can also publish our Virtual Tours to Google Street View and greatly help boost your businesses SEO, engagement and online visibility. If required, we can produce both types of tours from just one photoshoot for you, so you never miss out on the benefits of both.

How can we view the Virtual Tour/VR recce?

The tour is hosted online, allowing you and your clients to view it right from your browser, either on your computer, mobile device or VR headset. We can provide you with a link to embed it onto your website, or a direct link to the model that you can email straight to your clients.

Can we put it on our website?

Yes! We can provide you with the code that can be simply embedded on your website, just in the same way a twitter or facebook app might work. We can work with the technical staff that manage your website in order to ensure this process goes smoothly, even providing dummy content for testing prior to agreeing to a contract if you are concerned about how the integration will work.

Are there any limitations on the areas you can capture?

No, we can capture any space whether it be indoors, outdoors or high in the sky. Just get in touch to discuss you exact requirements.

Can we view our Virtual Tour/VR recce in Virtual Reality (VR)?

Of course its in our name! If you open the tour/VR recce on your mobile phone, you can touch the Google Cardboard logo (bottom right corner) to launch the VR mode. You will need a google cardboard viewer to place your phone into. This works even better with a proper standalone VR Headset, such as the Oculus Go or Oculus Quest which we have available for hire. We can also supply you with some branded Google Cardboard headsets for you to send out to your clients allowing them to virtually work right through your venue! Speak to our team for a cost for this.

Can I password protect my tours?

Yes you can have bespoke passwords, retricting access.

Can I update my Virtual Tour/VR recce?

We can easily tweak hotspots and media within each Virtual Tour/3D Model - just give us a shout and we can see whats possible. If you require significant changes to the imagery in each tour/model then the below factors apply: Up to 21 days after the capture date. We will still hold the raw data on file, so we may be able to make the changes you need. Please contact us and we will see what we can do. If we need to attend site again and recapture or there are significant changes required, there maybe an additional charge. Later than 21 days after the capture date. We may no longer store the raw data. That said, all captured content and supporting media is supplied to the client at the end of each project, so we would just need a copy of that .Zip image. Failing that, we can either recapture the entire venue, or we may be able to just capture the changed areas, and add to the main tour/model. Contact us and we will see what we can do to help.

Can I add 'Live' tour functionality to my existing venue virtual tour?

If you already host a Virtual Tour and have access to the raw image files, we may well be able to create a new tour for this purpose. Please get in touch and we can discuss the options.

Can I partake in an 'Audio only' live tour?

Yes, when you either host or join a live tour, you have the option to enable or disable video. In addition, as the host of a live guided tour, you have numerous options in the way you conduct a live tour and communicate with guests.

Why choose VR recce?

  • All of our products are bespoke to the client and their needs. With over 17yrs experience in the events and entertainment industries we understand what is required to make a project successful
  • We differ from the majority of the competition* as all of our 360° live virtual tours and captured media is wholly owned by the client. We supply all relating files and media at the end of each project
  • Our Virtual Tours can be hosted by our clients on their own servers. We can also provide extended hosting and include 3 months free with all bookings
  • Our products are competitively priced, meaning you get the best value for your project
* Matterport Virtual 3D tours require an additional ongoing monthly subscription to enable continued public access and the 360° media is stored within their cloud servers.