VR recce was launched to radically change the way location scouts, event planners, production agencies, educational facilities and venue owners conduct site visits.


We use state of the art, high resolution, 360-degree video and photography to transport venue owners and clients virtually to any site, anywhere, with the ability to tour each site and collaborate together in real time. All of our products can be viewed on both mobile and desktop browsers or better still, a VR headset.


Our technology allows clients the option to host a live guided tour, enabling everyone to interact, discuss and explore a venue, event or location collaboratively. 


As you navigate around, all other participants move and look around the tour with you and everyone can see and hear each other. You can even pre-record a narrated tour, saving you even more time. Ideal for venue owners, sales teams and production/event managers.

Key features:

Immediate & social. Clients or colleagues can learn about the space and ask questions whilst being shown around without leaving the office. 

Save time & money. Avoid complicated event calendars and conduct site visits whenever you need to. Shortlist venues and locations with ease.

User friendly. Cross-platform support across desktop and mobile, conduct tours from wherever you have an internet connection.

Information rich. Add labels to objects containing text, images and video.

Increase engagement. Embed the Virtual Tour within your own website, great for marketing.

Bespoke. Change any hotspot, logo or nadir image to fit in with your own branding.

Secure. All live tours are password protected.

Click the image above to explore

Our Virtual Tours can also be viewed in standard mode, without the live functionality.​ Explore the sample tour above or contact us for a live demo and to discuss how we can help you with your next project.


With a virtual 3D model you can walk through and explore an entire venue, event space or room all from the comfort of your home or office.

Within a few hours we can capture a venue or event space using our professional grade photography equipment.  


Once the capture process is complete, the data is then uploaded to be processed and stitched together into a virtual 3D tour-able model of your chosen venue.

Key features:


Accessible. Each 3D model is available to view online via desktop, mobile or VR headset.

Immersive. When viewed within a VR headset, experience the space as if you were there.

Visualise. See the whole venue as one, great for planning consumer journeys between multiple spaces.

Plan. Generate 2D floorpans and measure elements of the 3D model, great for checking dimensions remotely .

Increase efficiency. No need for costly time consuming site visits.

Collaborate. Share the experience with colleagues, agencies or crew, by simply sending them a link.

Integrate. Embed within your own website and share with Google Street View to increase online visibility and SEO.

Information rich. Add labels to objects containing text, images and videos and generate 2D floorpans.

Explore the sample model above or contact us to discuss how we can help you with your next project.



Live stream 4K 360° video direct to any mobile or desktop browser or better still, VR headset! Experience the moment as if you were there.

Key features:

Review. Sign off remotely, great for busy clients.

Experience. Visit live events or on site meetings without the need and expense of travel. Never miss out again.

Monitor. Keep an eye on your site or set builds.

Accessible. Available on desktop, mobile and VR devices.

Virtual Reality Device



Capture up to 8K 360° videography & 4K photography of any site, venue, location or event so that you can play back and review wherever and whenever you like. We can also capture stunning 360° aerial footage.

Key features:

Capture. Record live events for later review.

Experience. Re-live the moment in Virtual Reality, as if you were there.

Create. Produce immersive content, increase engagement and stand out from the crowd.

All of our 360° videos and images are optimised for VR headsets which deliver the most immersive experience. They can also be viewed on both desktop and mobile devices.



Need a VR headset? We can hire you an Oculus Go headset so that you can play back all of our captured content or view live 360° video streams in full immersive Virtual Reality.

We can also provide you with lower spec Google Cardboard viewers or have some custom printed with your logo. Just ask us for details on prices and availability.